Company Culture

Any company is only as strong as its culture and shared commitments. Ramsey Industries believes in and actively practices deeply-held corporate values that reflect both the way we operate our business and the way we treat employees, customers, vendors, and our shareholders.

The 5 C’s Of Our Culture

—Caring – Team environment with open and honest communication, where every associate is a valued member and treated with respect.  We care about our community, actively involved in community events in meaningful ways.

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—Committed – We have a clear direction for the company that is understood and driven by committed and empowered employees who take responsibility and accountability for their actions.  We are fiscally responsible and committed to consistently deliver value for our investors.  Group 7
—Creative – We strive for the highest level of performance for our customers while acting with Integrity and keeping Safety first.  We seek out best practices and continuous improvement efforts that will lead to competitive advantages and increased value.  Kenny Mitchell 1
—Collaborative – We engage in a teamwork environment that is built on mutual trust and confidence, collaboration, transparency and the support of diversity.  1S1A9477
—Credible – We are committed to the highest level of Integrity and a learning environment where leaders emerge and knowledge, skills, and abilities are enhanced.  IMG_2628 (1)